Welcome to Wentors.  Are you a newly wed?  In a relationship that has been struggling? Maybe you are in an inter-cultural relationship. Wentors was created just for you.  Here you will find a community of women from all over the world who have been on this wonderful journey called wife-hood and who have graciously signed up with the sole intention of sharing resources, tips, tricks or just be there for you when the going gets tough and you need a sympathetic, neutral party.

Many women have best friends, so you may be wondering why wouldn’t the suggestion be to just go them.  We have found that many women are sometimes afraid to share their struggles with people they know.  The number one reason: many fear being judged.

At Wentors, you can be paired with someone just around the corner or across the world.  We have women from various nationalities and are inviting more to join us so that we will be able to provide support to women despite their nationality or culture.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  We hope you will have an enriching experience.


The Wentors Team